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Sou apaixonada por Evely

❤❤❤ Ela é lindaa ❤❤❤
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• 1/7/2019


I'm new here, I noticed not a lot of people discuss in this app and I would really like to make new friends here so if anyone is alive hello I'm sandra
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• 11/23/2018


I still do not agree with the tragic death of Siobhan.💔
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• 9/9/2018

Rachel dunkan

Informe which episode anda at What minute dos Rachel duncan appear forma the first Time
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• 7/17/2018
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• 7/12/2018

Orphan Black Audience Response Survey

TLDR: help out Uni student with her research project and do this orphan black audience response survey


For my major project for a science communication course at Australian National University, I’m doing research into who’s watching orphan black, why they’re watching it and what they’re getting from it! I’m a huge huge fan myself, and orphan black has inspired me in so many ways, so wanted to see how it’s impacting others and show its influence!

The survey consists of a mixture of multiple choice and open ended questions. The survey is completely anonymous. In total there are 15 questions, followed by 5 quick demographic information.
Orphan Black Audience Response Survey
Orphan Black Audience Response Survey Google Docs
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• 6/26/2018


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• 4/23/2018

Who’s your favorite Leda clone?

I was just wondering because, I’m the only one in my school that is watching (or have watched) Orphan Black, and my favorite character is absolutely Helena, but I wanna know which character other likes? You know, if there is anyone who the most people likes?

Ps: Sorry for my English, I’m from Denmark👌🇩🇰
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• 3/18/2018

Orphan Black Movie?

I’m not sure if there has ever been some kind of discussing regarding this topic. But wouldn’t an orphan black movie be amazing? I’d also love it if there was like a sequel that shows the background of some other clones a bit more, or let’s be real...a sequel that shows cosimas und delphines future? I would die
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• 3/4/2018

Castor or Leda?

Castor or Leda?
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• 3/4/2018

Why did Leeky take Rachel in after her parents "died"

Im not sure how days got involved with the clones and why leek took Rachel in?
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• 2/20/2018

Movie Ideas

If there was a Orphan Black Movie made, what do you think it should be about

Personally i think it should either be a movie on before Beth killed her self and all that and there movie ends with her killing herself

Or a Movie on the Helsinki incident (I know there are comics on it) and it would end with her contacting Beth. i think it would be really cool to see

Or we get Both, the first movie would be the Helsinki then The Movie from that time to when she kills herself

Hopefully that made sense
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• 2/20/2018


Do you like Jennifer?
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• 2/17/2018
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• 2/11/2018


Melhor série da atualidade
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• 2/1/2018
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• 1/26/2018


...she is perfect😉
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• 1/26/2018
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• 12/14/2017
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• 12/9/2017

Helena 😍

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