Biographical information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Lawyer
Other information
Also known as: Bio sis (by Felix)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Strawberry blond
Family: Felix Dawkins (biological paternal half-brother)
Series information
Portrayed by: Lauren Hammersley
Season/s: 4
First appearance: "The Stigmata of Progress"
Appearance count: 5

Adele is Felix's biological half-sister who debuts in "The Stigmata of Progress". She shares the same father as Felix, however they have different mothers. She is portrayed by Lauren Hammersley.


Shameless, brazen, and spontaneous, Adele is a wickedly intelligent lawyer who outwits even when heavily intoxicated — and that’s often. She made her way through law school relying on the laurels of her IQ. With her practice suspended due to her showing up to court intoxicated, her benders have grown to epic proportions. Regardless of her activities, she presents in high-fashion corporate wear — a somewhat jarring juxtaposition to her crude brand of humor.[1] Adele and Felix found each other through the program "GeneConnexions".

Physical description

Adele is American (unlike her brother) and her accent indicates that she is from the South. She has caramel brown eyes and medium-long strawberry blond hair. She is tall and of slim build.

Season Four

Adele is introduced in "The Stigmata of Progress".

After Donnie Hendrix's arrest in "The Antisocialism of Sex", Felix recruits Adele to be Donnie's legal counsel. She agrees, though she predictably shows up drunk to the first meeting. She begins to become suspicious that there is more going on than what Felix has told her, but refrains from asking too many questions so as not to compromise her ability to aid Donnie legally.

Season 4 appearances
The Collapse of Nature Transgressive Border Crossing The Stigmata of Progress From Indistinct to Rational Control Human Raw Material
The Scandal of Altruism The Antisocialism of Sex The Redesign of Natural Objects The Mitigation of Competition From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths


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