Biographical information
Status: Deceased
Manner of Death: Stabbed by Helena
Age: 50
Other information
Gender: Female
Family: Helena & Sarah
(surrogate children)
Series information
Portrayed by: Melanie Nicholls-King
First appearance: "Unconscious Selection"
Latest appearance: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"
Appearance count: 2

Amelia is the birth mother of Sarah Manning and Helena.

Upon moving to London, 22-year-old Amelia was approached by two scientists, then posing as a couple, to be the in-vitro surrogate of their child. In exchange for money and help to settle into the country, Amelia accepted. Eventually, though, Amelia became suspicious and, realizing that the life inside of her was in danger, ran. She gave birth to twins while in hiding and, knowing that she could not keep them, gave them away: Sarah to the state as a ward, and Helena to the church.

28 years later, Mrs. S, upon questions from Sarah about her past, asks her contacts from London about where they got Sarah. Amelia apparently heard that Sarah was looking for her, so she immediately traveled to Canada to see her. She proceeds to tell Mrs. S and Sarah about her story, consequently stopping Sarah from handing Helena over to Leekie. Sarah then introduces her to a tied-up Helena, and their reunion is cut short when the police department come for Sarah and interrogate them.

Upon her release, Mrs. S, after going through Amelia's things, expresses her suspicions of Amelia to Sarah, who was planning on meeting with Amelia. Unbeknownst to her, Helena was already meeting with her. Posing as Sarah, Helena welcomes her to Beth's apartment and stabs her. She then drags her to an abandoned warehouse and leaves her to bleed to death until Sarah arrives.

Fortunately, Amelia still had a few breaths left in her when Sarah arrives. She tells her what she had been hoping to tell Sarah all along: that Mrs. S is "not who she says she is." She hands her the photograph involving Project LEDA from 1977 of a young woman and man, wearing lab coats, with their names, save for their title "Profs.", blacked out in the caption. Before Amelia could elaborate, however, Helena appears and Amelia finally passes away.

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