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Dr. Bowers
Biographical information
Full name: Anita Bowers
Status: Alive
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Other information
Gender: Female
Series information
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Saunders
First appearance: "Natural Selection"
Latest appearance: "Instinct"
Appearance count: 2

Dr. Anita Bowers is the psychiatric doctor of Beth Childs.

More than once, Beth had requested extra prescriptions, most of which Dr. Bowers seem to have agreed to as Beth has a whole cupboard of her drugs.

Sarah Manning first meets the doctor in "Natural Selection" when Sarah, as Beth, puked in front of the board during her hearing. Sarah, just wanting the meeting to be over, claims to have had black outs since the shooting. Dr. Bowers tells "Beth" that she needs to adjust and accept what happened, but based on "Beth's" statements, Bowers rules her unfit for duty.

Art helps "Beth" set another appointment with Bowers, during which Sarah threatened to expose that she may have been high on the drugs that Bowers has been prescribing for Beth. This, of course, changes the doctor's decision, and "Beth's" hearing proceeds the next day.

Season 1 appearances
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