Bubbles is a bath and body shop formerly owned by Alison's mother, Connie, and now owned by Alison and Donnie Hendrix.


Her mother had been running the store for 10 years and Alison thought nothing much of it more than a part-time job, but shuts down the idea of working for her mother when suggested by Donnie. However, when Alison is keen to run for school trustee yet cannot afford the funding required, she sees an opportunity in Ramone "leaving for college" and buys his business from him, soon to find out it wasn't his to sell. She then reconnects with Jason Kellerman, her high school sweatheart, who was really in charge of the drugs that Ramone was dealing. She then buys "Bubbles" and sells soaps and shampoos as a front for selling drugs, for example hiding pills in the bottom of a shampoo and shower gel basket.