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Biographical information
Full name: Evie Cho
Birthplace: Tisdale, Ontario, Canada
Status: Deceased
Manner of Death: Deactivated implant on her cheek
Residence: Ontario, Canada
Tisdale, Ontario, Canada (formerly)
Occupation: CEO of Brightborn Technologies (formerly)
Head of Neolution (usurped from Susan Duncan; formerly)
Affiliation: BrightBorn Technologies
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Series information
Portrayed by: Jessalyn Wanlim
Season/s: 4
Latest appearance: "From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths"
Appearance count: 8

Evie Cho is the director of BrightBorn Industries. She was drawn to Neolution as a result of a childhood illness, severe combined immune deficiency. She is the main villain in the fourth season.

Season 4

She had under her employ Detective Martin Duko, whom she had been blackmailing into doing her dirty work for her.

Season 4 appearances
The Collapse of Nature Transgressive Border Crossing The Stigmata of Progress From Indistinct to Rational Control Human Raw Material
The Scandal of Altruism The Antisocialism of Sex The Redesign of Natural Objects The Mitigation of Competition From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths


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