Monitors are the clones' overseers. Their task is to watch over their subjects closely, while not interfering with the subjects' natural choices. To achieve this, monitors integrate themselves into the clones' personal lives as deeply as possible, usually posing as either a close friend or loved one.

Not all monitors are aware of their true purpose or the origins of their subjects. Some are part of the program willingly, some are blackmailed into participating and some are simply led to believe the entire project is innocuous with hefty compensations. Any data collected by the monitors is sent back to their superiors, amongst which included Olivier Duval and Dr. Aldous Leekie.

Known monitors


  • Since Rachel Duncan grew up self-aware, she is the only clone that knew of her monitors from the start. She is also the only one to have had more than one monitor throughout the series.
  • Paul Dierden is the only person known to have monitored multiple clones.
  • Krystal Goderich has apparently had at least three monitors rotating on a bi-annual schedule, demonstrated by her observation that her past boyfriends always seem to leave her every 2 years without warning or reason.
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