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Infobox character
Character's name
Biographical information
Full name: Full name; include only if not primary name used (e.g. if it is not the name used at the top of the infobox)
Birthplace: Birthplace
Birthdate: Birthday
Status: Alive/Deceased/Unknown
Manner of Death: Reason/Manner/Cause of death
Died: Date/Year of death
(Episode title if applicable)
Age: Age (as of episode/season)
Residence: Residence
Occupation: Occupation/Responsibility
Other information
Also known as: Alias
Gender: Male/Female
Hair color: Hair color
Eye color: Eye color
Height: Height
Family: Format - Name (relation):
Close ancestors (avoid great-greats)
Siblings (arrange according to order)
Significant Other/s
Children (arrange according to order)
Other relatives (in-laws)
Close descendants (grandchildren)
Other relatives (aunt/uncle/cousin)
Other relatives (niece/nephew)
Family page (immediate families only)
Series information
Portrayed by: Actor's name
Mentioned in: Episode title (if character is mentioned only
Only appearance: Episode title (if character only physically appeared once)
First appearance: Episode title of first appearance
Latest appearance: Episode title of latest appearance
Appearance count: Number of episodes character has appeared in
Relevant quote spoken by or about the character. Optional

Full name of the character, the most used and official one. Then write a brief summary or introduction of the character. Extend with a second paragraph if necessary.

The information on mainspace articles or pages should be written in past tense and a neutral/objective and third person point of view. Content should also be summarized; details should be written on the episode articles or the unabridged subpage (if there is one). Information about other characters should also either be summarized or excluded entirely, especially if the character is not or very minimally involved. See Manual of Style for more info. Also take note that there are also some image guidelines in place.


A general overview, detailing or summary of a person's life.

Include only the necessary subheadings. If a character is relatively minor, only appears very briefly in a few episodes in one season, and has very limited information available that is insufficient, omit the headings entirely and simply place them under the "Biography" (if a summary of most or the whole of the character's life is covered) or "History" heading.

Early life

Or History.

Season #

Later life

If applicable, such as if a character stops appearing in later episodes but is still mentioned and the status is constantly updated.

Personality and traits

Physical appearance

A description of the person's appearance, as objective as possible.


{{Main|Character PageName/Relationships}} (if available)

Like with the others, the headings and "tabbers" are optional, especially if there are only very few characters listed. Instead, the characters listed themselves may be used as the headings.



Season 1 appearances
Natural Selection Instinct Variation Under Nature Effects of External Conditions Conditions of Existence
Variations Under Domestication Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner Entangled Bank Unconscious Selection Endless Forms Most Beautiful


Season 2 appearances
Nature Under Constraint and Vexed Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion Mingling Its Own Nature With It Governed As It Were By Chance Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things Variable and Full of Perturbation Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried


{{Main|<Character PageName/Gallery>}}

Add a preview of one or two rows of pictures in gallery format OR a slideshow of 10 images. (See the rules here.)


In this order:

  • The series character who named the character and the reason, if known
  • The meaning of the name itself or its root word, and/or
  • Confirmed real-world basis of the name


In this order:

  • Generally noteworthy but small or only briefly mentioned details about a character that does not fit anywhere else above.
  • An obscure and not well-known point or something not everyone would know from casually reading the books may be considered a trivia.
  • Behind the scenes extras from the actors, creators, etc. regarding the character, such as casting, portrayal, etc. May include details not mentioned within the series but has been confirmed from other official, outside sources, and real-world related tidbits, e.g. based on a real person or another fictional character not relevant to the series, etc.
  • Should not include speculation, false information, major plot points, among others; exceptions may be very popular and heavily discussed theories and speculations among readers.
  • Should not include speculation, false information, major plot points, among others; exceptions may be very popular and heavily discussed theories and speculations among readers.

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Please cite information you will be adding to articles, both from the official sources (series books), and others, such as articles, official website pages, interviews, reveals by Cassandra Clare, etc. Reference them at the end of the sentence or clause by putting the links of your sources between reference tags : <ref> </ref>, then include <references/> or {{reflist}} at the bottom of the page.

These citations also need to be made outside of the punctuation (i.e. after the period and outside any quotation marks), like so:[1]

  1. Nice, eh?

External links

  • Link to primary sources
  • Or other links related to the article topic


Do not including the heading.


  • Currently non-existent, but something I will be working on soon.
  • A box or table that contains links to other related pages, depending on the topic, for easier navigation.

Interwiki links:

  • Simply place the code/s at the bottom of the page, in alphabetical order, if the article is available on a wiki in another language. Code: [[fr:Sarah Manning]]


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