Biographical information
Status: Alive
  • Dealer
  • Customer service employee at Economart
  • Several other jobs
Other information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey
Series information
Portrayed by: Alex Ozerov
Season/s: 2, 3, 4
First appearance: "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed"
Latest appearance: "The Collapse of Nature"
Appearance count: 3

Ramon is the dealer who used to sell Alison meds, weed, and unregistered guns, his stash stacked in a tackle box hidden in the trunk of his car.


In Nature Under Constraint and Vexed, Alison meets with him to buy a gun for Sarah Manning. Assuming she came for drugs or marijuana, he is pleased when she tells him she needs a "piece", or a "peacemaker", for a friend. While he recommended the .45 revolver, she opts for the one with the lady grip. Ramon tells her that it was hot and practical and proceeds to pack the gun for Alison, who then asks about his mother.

When Alison is unable to give Sarah the gun, she had Ramon deliver it to Felix's apartment hidden in a bouquet of flowers. Ramon then sees Cosima and Sarah, surprised at their resemblance to Alison.

In Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis, Ramone goes to a kids' sports tournament to meet with his "soccer mom" clientele. There, he encounters Alison. Ramon comments on her continued sobriety and later claims that he's going out of business to attend college. Alison sees this as an opportunity, and, along with her husband, Donnie, Alison brokers a deal with Ramon and buys his business off of him.

In Newer Elements of Our Defense, it is revealed that Ramon was working on consignment, and that the drugs he "sold" Alison was not entirely his to begin with.

In The Collapse of Nature Alison sends him to Beth with flowers and a strip of pills.


  • It later turns out Ramone had truthfully sold hia merchandise. Jason Kellerman was in-fact stealing the drugs for Poachy's gang to use.
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