Scarred by Many Past Frustrations is the fifth episode of Season 3 of Orphan Black. It's total U.S. viewers in million(s) was 0.460. [1]


Helena and Sarah are reunited at the Castor camp. As Sarah suffers testing, Paul appears to chide her; but his allegiances are beginning to strain. While the Leda family worries about Sarah’s absence, Gracie ‘breaks loose’ under the care of Mrs. S and an unwilling Felix. Cosima falls hard for an internet date, Shay.


Helena is now shackled in her cell, as her scorpion complains that she killed their "lab rat". She says he was suffering; the scorpion crawls out and into the next cell, where Sarah is sleeping.

Virginia Coady now has the coffin with Henrik Johanssen's "son", the hoped-for Castor original, and they hope to develop a gene therapy for the Castors.

Sarah wakes in the cell, and Helena sees her from the next cell. Sarah is glad to finally find Helena, and asks if she is all right, but Helena feels Sarah put her here, and has nothing nice to say. Sarah works to convince Helena that Mrs. S made the deal without her knowledge, and also shares the discovery that the Castor boys are their brothers. Guards come and take Sarah away, and Helena starts working on another weak point, the bars in her cell door.

Felix is at Mrs. S's, and she's looking a bit better. Both he and Art are awaiting news from Sarah, though they recognize she might be busy.

At a bar, Cosima has her first internet-arranged date, with a young blond woman named Shay. They seem to be opposites: Cosima is a hard-science expert, and Shay is a spiritual counselor and holistic body work advisor. While they chat, an unseen person is taking pictures of their date. They head to Felix’s loft where they talk more about their pasts, and move to making love.

Gracie comes to Art's apartment, and says she's been rejected by her family, and though Art wants news of Mark, she doesn't want to say anything about him. Art offers to get her to a shelter, which would be best for an expectant mother, but when she says she lost the baby, he has another idea: Mrs. S.

Sarah is taken to Dr. Coady, who assures her nothing has been done to Helena. Sarah is there to provide blood samples, Dr. Coady hopes to get some stem cells from Sarah.

Art brings Gracie to Mrs. S, and it's hard integrating her in with the likes of Felix. But Mrs. S says she's better socialized than Felix was when he came to her, so he should help now.

Dr. Coady visits Mark, whose wounds have been re-sutured; she remarks on his burnt-off tattoo, and his wedding ring, and he agrees that those were just cover to complete his mission. She determines that his marriage with Gracie was consummated, tells him that "it wasn't real", and takes his ring. She gives him his first logbook, in which he is to log the information on any intimate contacts.

Felix shows Gracie to Sarah's old room, and she might be able to wear Sarah's left-behind clothes. He tells her that he's obviously gay so she shouldn’t act too friendly towards him and she says she's not stupid, she's not Prolethean any more, and now she's 18, and it's time to stop listening to her parents and live a real life.

Paul comes to Sarah in her cell, and tells her she should have just stayed out of it. She tells Helena, Paul's the one who got Helena captured, but Paul says it was either Helena or Sarah, and what he's doing for the Castors is just what Sarah does for her sisters. This gets Sarah furious and she sarcastically tells him how ‘noble‘ the Castor boys are for harassing women and taking hair samples, which somewhat confuses Paul.

Gracie is looking at Sarah's family pictures, and Mrs. S comes in. Gracie wonders why they are helping her, and Mrs. S tells more of her younger days: she married young, eloped to the disappointment of her mother; then, when her husband John was killed, she felt adrift and unable to go back home, so an aunt of hers took her in. Felix asks about her husband, and she says more: he was a drunk, he irritated people, and he died in a drunken fight. Gracie changes into some of Sarah's scanty clothes, and wants to go out drinking, but Felix says we can do that just as well here.

Sarah is sure Helena is planning to escape, and says it seems the base is surrounded by desert, perhaps it's in Mexico. She tries more to convince Helena they can work together, and Helena gets it, but she wants Sarah to help. Guards come for their meal trays, and Sarah won't cooperate, to the point of fighting and being knocked out and carried away. Helena notices the lengths Sarah will go through.

In the infirmary, Sarah has been bandaged, and while waiting to be taken back to her cell, steals a set of tweezers from a table. Back in the cell, she shows them to Helena, and uses a string to pass them to Helena's cell. Helena uses them to unlock her shackle.

Gracie, Felix, and Mrs. S have drinks and play music, and Felix and Gracie dance, all is going happily, when Gracie feels hurt and collapses. They call 911.

Helena rubs herself with butter she had saved earlier, then uses the shackle to loosen, then break off, a bar from the cell door. She squeezes herself out, and hides until the guard comes. When he does, she attacks and kills him, and escapes, leaving Sarah behind.

Paul goes through the medical facility, and examines Parsons' body, the chair that held him, and his log book; it's descriptions of women he had sex with, and a bit of hair for each, one per page, and there are lots of pages.

Art talks to Patty, and though it's night she's wearing sunglasses. She says she's been sick, the doctors don't know from what, and wonders whether they (Rudy and Seth) gave "it" to her. She takes off the sunglasses: the whites of her eyes are red.

A paramedic examines Gracie, and checks her eyes. The whites of her eyes are also red.

Helena sneaks through the compound, past guards, and onto the wall. She sits in the dark on the wall, watching the soldiers, and she comments to her scorpion that her sestra tears her heart. She hears them discover her escape and order a search. She climbs down the wall, out of the compound.


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All songs for the episodes have been verified by TuneFind[2]

  • "Strangle the Shadows" by Mode Moderne
  • "Grudges Crossed" by Mode Moderne
  • "Let's Shake" by Teenage Head
  • "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Lords of the New Church
  • "Departure (Reflection)/A Blessing" by Max Richter



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