Yes, perhaps I should take up carpentry. I could build us all coffins.
Rachel to Susan

The Redesign of Natural Objects is the eighth episode of Season 4 of Orphan Black. It aired on Thursday June 2nd, 2016, and was watched by 0.245 viewers.[1]


Siobhan wants vengeance for her mother. Cosima and Susan Duncan try to come together to try to finally find the cure. Neolution continues with their threats causing Alison to be terrified, and Siobhan to question Alison's loyalty to her sestras.


Donnie is in jail and is visibly shaken but tries to give off a tough-guy attitude and at lunch, brags about his days as a drug trafficker. A very large burly prisoner sits down across from Donnie. He says ‘I’ve got my eye on you, Donnie Hendrix’ which freaks Donnie out since they shouldn’t know his name. The man shows off his Neolution tattoo on the back of his hand.

Sarah is in the lab with Cosima, and Kira playing Minecraft on the laptop. The laptop pops up a window, and M.K. talks to them all, she wants to make amends, and she has something that will interest them(though Sarah’s not too pleased that M.K. contacted them through Kira and not directly). She had traced a satellite feed to an island in the far north, and caught a video conference (one shown in the previous episode), where Evie Cho said that the Leda project would be dismantled, and Sarah and those with her would be handled harshly. Cosima asks if M.K. can find a way to talk with Susan Duncan.

Alison visits Donnie in jail, and at Felix‘s request, Adele will be his lawyer. Adele is momentarily surprised by Alison, but Alison explains that she’s Sarah’s twin sister. Despite her frantic personality and drunkenness, she actually says coherent lawyer-speak when needed.

Sarah tells Siobhan about M.K.'s revelation, and they remember Evie Cho and the detective working for her. Siobhan slips off and packs up her rifle and checks her supply of bullets. Kira notices what she is doing.

At the island, Susan and Charolette and studying animals when Rachel enters the room and blurts out how the clones are dying and there’s nothing anyone can do about anymore. Susan gets upset and suggests that Rachel find a hobby, like Charolette. Rachel sarcastically suggests that she should take up carpentry, so she can make them all coffins, starting with the smallest one first. Suddenly, Sarah appears on their computer screen and Sarah explains that her source managed to set up an encrypted video conference, and their conversation is untraceable. Cosima gets added, and says Evie destroyed all of their research, the only thing left are notes. After some very cold greetings between Rachel and Scott, he admits that he doesn’t want to work with Rachel, and she can’t be involved. Susan is upset by all this and wants to know why Rachel hates Sarah so much, which Rachel admits, is because Sarah shot a pencil into her brain.

During the video conference, Kira is pestering Sarah, intill Sarah gets upset, closes the laptop and asks Kira why she’s bothering her during something important. Kira tells her that Siobhan has gone out with her rifle. Sarah goes to find Art, and tells him; they will try to find her.

At the jail, Adele tells Donnie that he won't get to the bail meeting until Monday, it's a ploy to make him sweat over the weekend. Alison, seeing the prisoner staring at them, says this is being orchestrated by Martin Duko.

Siobhan follows Duko from the police station, to a place in the suburbs. She starts to aim her rifle at him, when Alison drives up in her minivan and sits in his car. Duko tells Alison that she’s just a pawn to get to Sarah, and that she needs to tell him where Sarah’s safe house is, and when she does that,they'll let Donnie go. Seeing all this, Siobhan calls Art and Sarah and says she thinks she knows how Evie is trying to get to "us".

Alison arrives at her church for rehearsal of the musical. The pastor there tries to get her to share about the things going on in her life, and when she won't, advises her to think about her faith. She looks troubled at this. She calls Felix; first she asks where Sarah is, and when he asks why she pauses... and asks him to come help with rehearsal.

Cosima, Scott, and Susan are still discussing treatment possibilities; several ways of delivering treatment are debated, none seem viable. They hit on embryonic stem cells, which would be great, if only they had fertilisable Leda eggs, and sperm from Ira, possibly the last Castor.

Rachel is laying down in her room when she has another episode of her artificial eye "seeing" a swan, along with flickering, and some images of a white-bearded man peering at her, before he disappears too.

Alison and the group are practicing the musical at church (they are doing Jesus Christ Superstar, and Alison's role is Judas). In a break, Felix explains that Duko is going to be pressing Alison for a pointer to Sarah, using threats to Donnie. Then her phone rings: Duko wants a meeting.

Duko asks again where Sarah is, and gives her an encouragement: on the other end of his phone is Donnie, who explains that he’s going to be ‘shanked’ unless she tells Duko what he needs to know. Alison breaks down, and says Sarah will be at the comic book shop tonight. Duko says he'll check it out, and she'd better be right, or else too bad for Donnie.

At night, Duko gets to the comic book shop, and is met by Siobhan, and Art with his gun ready, and finally Sarah. As the the dress rehearsal for Jesus Christ Superstar plays out, Donnie is getting beaten up back in the jail and is seconds away from getting a sharpened toothbrush jabbed through his eye.They tie Duko up, and somehow convince him to call his henchmen to let Donnie go. Sarah texts their success to Felix, who passes it on to Alison, who is relieved something finally went right for a change, and maybe God hasn’t given up on her.

Sarah and Art leave Siobhan with Duko, who tortures him with jump cables to get some information out of him on Evie's next move. He says Evie's work is successful all around, she's gotten approval for the bot technology, and millions of people will get them under the guise of gene therapy. Asked why, he just stammers that she hates clones and maybe she wants to recreate humanity in her image,or something, but he has no idea about her real goals. He tries to get Siobhan to sympathize for him by explaining BrightBorn threatened to harm his niece,and he had to do it. He was protecting her like how Siobhan wanted to protect her mother. She unties him, and shows him all the legal actions he taken over the years to cover up BrightBorn and all the BrightBorn subjects died due to him, and shoots him pointblank.

The next day, Scott is scrubbing blood from the store, as Sarah comes in, and meets Cosima in the lab, who explains the idea of embryonic stem cells. She says this is the real breakthrough, one of Sarah's eggs with Ira’s sperm would be Kendall's two parts rejoined. Cosima plans to go to Susan's hideout to work there.

We then see Cosima in a helicopter, approaching an island, as Scott by phone tells her that Sarah's recovering at home. Cosima has the eggs, and as Scott notes, she's going to "a mad scientist's private island." On the island, Susan expresses concern that Rachel won’t be able to work well with Sarah, but Rachel informs her that she’s actually “looking foward to it”.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Rosemary Dunsmore as Susan Duncan
  • Skyler Wexler as Kira Manning
  • Jessalyn Wanlim as Evie Cho
  • Gord Rand as Detective Martin Duko
  • Lauren Hammersley as Adele
  • Cynthia Galant as Charlotte Bowles
  • Terra Hazelton as Sarah Stubbs
  • Ryan Blakely as Reverend Mike
  • Calwyn Shurgold as Hell Wizard
  • Brendan Beiser as Friendly Guy
  • Noah Danby as Threatening Neo
  • Carlos Fortin as Detention Guard #1
  • Chavis Brown as Detention Guard #2
  • Barbara Johnston as Backup Singer #1
  • Anika Johnson as Backup Singer #2
  • Géza Kovács as The Messenger


Cosima: Yo, Rachel.

Rachel: (in a mocking voice) Yo.


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