• Hi Fearless Diva! I'm Mike with FANDOM's Community Development Team! With the impending premiere of Season 5, I am offering my assistance to update the main page. This would be to include putting Season 5 content in the slider and video sections, switch out and update the poll, feature Discussions on the main page, and generally tweak the main page in time for the first episode of Season 5. Let me know what you think!

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    • Yeah, by all means go ahead!  I would certainly appreciate it!Thank you for asking though!

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    • No problems! Asking first is always the right way to go :)

      I went ahead and updated the main page, so here is the run-down of the changes:

      • New Season 5 image and link in the main slider
      • Featured video is now the Season 5 trailer
      • Featured character is now Sarah Manning
      • Poll has been switched out for an up-to-date poll using Apester
      • Community blogs have been removed and replaced with the Discussions module since blogs have not been updated since 2016
      • Twitter module is now fixed
      • Link to Discussions added under the "Community" section of the main wiki navigation

      Hopefully, these changes meet with your approval. If you want any additions and changes, then let me know!

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    • It's amazing what a litle change can do! Thank you so much! Looks good! <3

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    • A FANDOM user
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