• I'm not an Ontario resident, and actually only visited Toronto once over 20 years ago. And I never even heard of Markham before seeing this program. However, using screenshots from the show and Google maps streetview, I can identify the following locations with reasonable certainty. The numerical addresses are approximate, and subject to the limitations of Google maps.  It is challenging and fun finding these places.  Everyone please correct where necessary, and/or add more locations that you know about.

    1.     Police Station:  King Street East and Virgin Place, Toronto

    2.     Beth’s Condominium:  Approximate address 35 Mariner Terrace, Toronto

    3.     Felix’s Loft: Approximate address 483 Queen Street West, Toronto

    4.     Alley behind Felix’s loft: McDougall Lane, Toronto (between Queen St W and Richmond St W)

    5.     Site of Katja’s death:  Unwin Avenue, Toronto, near North Shore Park and Hearn Generation Plant.  Sarah’s frantic phone call with Cosima also occurs on the side of Unwin Avenue near the Power Plant.

    6.     Mrs. S’  house:  Approximate Address 148 Morse St. Toronto.

    7.     Kira’s school: Morse Street Public School, across from Mrs. S’ house.

    8.     Alison’s house:  Approximate address 35 Harper Hill Road, Markham, Ontario

    The outside scenes are shot here.  The indoor scenes, at least in the basement and back yard are most likely shot in a fabricated studio, as the structure of the real Harper Hill home does not seem consistent with a basement that opens up to ground level in the back yard.  Also, the lattice structure of the wooden fence is clearly different in the Google street view images and in the television scenes.  The scenes inside the house on the main floor could be the actual house, but are more likely in studio, with external views through open doors and windows added via projection screens or digital images from the real location.

    9.     Soccer Field where Sarah first confronts Alison:  Angus Glen Community Center,  4075 Regional Road 25, Markham, Ontario.  Note: satellite image in Google Maps is outdated and does not show the large gymnasium or rink structure near the soccer field. However, in street view at this address, you can see the large building.

    10.  The skating rink scenes with Alison, Aynsley and Chad, and the parking lot scene with Alison and Chad are also likely at the Angus Glen Center.

    11.  Helena’s first abode is approximately 43 Howard St, Toronto.  The Ukrainian Landlady lives at/near 4 Glen Road, around the corner.  Sarah chases the assassin (who turns out to be Helena) from the run-down Howard St apartment across Glen Road, through the dilapidated row houses across from the landlady’s place, into a vacant lot west on Redrock Lane.

    12.  Helena’s second hideout looks like an old church, but is actually a building on the University of Toronto campus, Knox College, 59 Saint George Street, Toronto.

    13. Cosima’s house, which is supposed to be in Minneapolis, is the Annex Style house on the corner of St. Joseph Street and Elmsley Place, also on the U. Toronto Campus.

    14.  The “Scary Angel” house, where Helena performs “self surgery” is near 28 Bright Street, Toronto.

    15.   Maggie Chen’s apartment is in the Waverley Hotel, shown as being on Kensington St in the story, but is actually 484 Spadina Avenue, Toronto.

    16.  The scene where Helena stumbles into a dark alley and collapses is Douglas Campbell Lane, behind the Waverley Hotel.  Behind the van waiting for Helena is the computer repair store near 292 College Street, Toronto.

    17.  The Carlsborough Hotel where Sarah impersonates Katja is the Thompson Hotel, at 550 Wellington Street, Toronto.

    18.  Fung’s Restaurant, where Sarah/Beth meets Art to go over the Maggie Chen case file is the Thompson Diner,  on the corner of Wellington and Bathurst Streets.

    19.  Delphine meets Dr. Leekie in a limo outside the Michener Institute, on the corner of Elm and McCaul streets, Toronto (this is supposed to be in Minneapolis).

    20. Paul’s meeting on the street with Olivier is near 235 The Esplanade, Toronto.

    21.  Sarah and Helena have lunch at Jim’s Restaurant, 897 Queen Street East, Toronto.

    22. The outside shots of the hospital where Olivier meets his end near 197 Elizabeth Street, Toronto.

    23. The alley where Helena takes Kira before Kira is hit by a car is near 934 Queen Street East.  Sarah is standing outside the Mercury Espresso Bar across the street when the accident happens.


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    • This is really cool! :D Haha, great eye :)

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    • Thanks. Just watched the tenth episode.  I feel a mix of exhilaration and exhaustion, and am dreading the long wait for season two.  No other TV series or movie has ever sucked me in to its fictional universe (and I'm in my 50's!).  Finding the filming locations and seeing them in "real life" is therapeutic... reminds me that it's just a durned TV show.  I also get to appreciate deeply the artistic excellence of those who select these locations.  Dang what a great ride.  

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    • Impressive! Living in Markham, I immediately recognized the scenes that involved the Angus Glen Community Centre (skating rink/parking lot scenes) but had no idea that Alison's house was also nearby.

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    • More filming locations identified using Google street view:

      1.  Leekie meets Cosima at the Toronto Coach Terminal, ca. 130 Elizabeth St.

      2.  The freeway scene where Cosima is in Leekie's limo is on the Gardiner Expressway heading east near Bay St.

      3.  In episode 9 where we see the mystery woman from behind (later revealed as Rachel Duncan aka Proclone), she is almost certainly inside the Bay Adelaide Centre building facing east, about one block west of Yonge St.  To her left is a mid rise building at 137 Yonge St that houses the Goodlife Fitness center, and to her right is the funky Lumsden building at 113 Yonge St.

      4.  From episode 2 where Sarah seeks out Alison for the first time, there is a sign welcoming prospective residents to the "Bailey Downs" community. This is on the corner of Major MacKenzie Dr and Donald Cousens Parkway in Markham, ON  (nowhere near Scarborough).  The Google streetview images were taken in 2011, and the McMansions in the background (fully complete in the ep 2 scene) were barely under construction.  

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    • I freaked out when I saw the scene that took place at Angus Glen because I recognized it right off the bat and it was cool to see them in a place that I had been so many times. I could tell the Alison's neighbourhood was in Markham but I couldn't think of the actual community it was in until I saw them at Angus Glen.

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    • The restaurant where Cosima and Delphine have dinner, and are joined by Dr. Leekie, is the Rosewater Supper Club: 19 Toronto Street, between Adelaide and King just east of Yonge St.

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    • Where Cosima and Delphine say good bye after stealing the bottles of wine: Uni of Toronto, St.Michael's College, Queen's Park Cr. E.

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    • The library scene with Cosima and Delphine (before they go to the lecture) is the 2nd floor of Kelly Library at St.Michael's College on St. Joseph street (UofT)

      Also, the lecture they attended took place on the second floor of Brennan Hall, which is also at St. Micheal's College (UofT)

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    • thanks a lot!

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    • The exact address for Beth's Condo is 32 Mariner Terrace. I pulled it up using screen caps and Streetview. I managed to make out the house number!

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    • The scene at the hospital in episode 8 when Leekie meets Oliviere is also filmed at Michener Institute!

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    • I go to UT and live in Markham.

      I don't think you wrote about Alison's house, but I used to live in that neighbourhood (and went trick or treating at that house), and went inside the community. LOL Found the house, the garage and everything.

      Funny how I even saw them actually film at Knox College and I can't believe it was Orphan Black a few months later. :D Just noting, it's St. George (not to be confused with Saint George if there is another street like that)

      And those interested... Knox College is normally under construction... and the place for that basement... well the entrace, looks like a garbage dump. LOL

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    • Oh. Can't forget. It's the GO Station at Union Station for the beginning scenes when the GO train (disgused as another trrain) runs over Beth. :D

      I beelieve the poster and the telephone was placed there as props.

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    • Season 2 Trailer!

      A trailer just came out today showing Sarah running down a dark street. For a brief moment you see an address on a glass door, 1588-90.   I'm pretty sure this is 1588 Danforth Ave, currently showing on Google street view as the CIBC Banking Center (street view from 2011). She then passes an optometrist's office, with a couple of potted plants outside.  A few seconds later she's inside a diner... anyone recognize it?

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    • Found the diner:  Bus Terminal Diner, 1606 Danforth Ave.  

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    • Season Two Locations

      Episode 1: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

      1.              Opening Scenes at Bus Terminal Diner noted in previous post.

      2.              Alison meets Ramon at Bruno’s Valu-Mart, 83 Underhill Dr., North York, ON.  Google 67 Underhill Dr. for best view.

      3.              Alison’s community theater group rehearses at the Jubilee United Church, 40 Underhill Dr., Toronto.  Google 45 Underhill Dr. for best view.

      4.              The Dyad Institute external shots use the Bridgepoint Health Hospital, 14 Matthews Rd., Toronto.  Google streetview is vintage 2009, and doesn’t show the new multi-story building adjoining an old structure.  See the following link for more recent photo:

      Delphine enters the institute ascending stairs on the north side of the new building.  The scenes of the big Dyad event appear to have been filmed on the Garden on the Roof of the new Bridgepoint building.  See:

      5.              Paul stands on the Puente de Luz footbridge while talking on the cell phone given to him by Sarah, via the skateboarder. Google 17 Iceboat Terrace, Toronto. 

      6.              After the decoy skateboarder girl fools Daniel Rosen and his thugs, Sarah runs to the steel bridge at Front St. W and Bathurst St.  Google 28 Bathurst St., Toronto to get to that intersection.

      7.              Detective Art Bell lives in a building whose address is 189 Queen St. E. He parks his car in a carport on the back of the building.  Google 31 Britain St., Toronto.

      Episode 2: Governed by Sound Religion and True Reason

      1.              The motel where Sarah gets kidnapped is the Green Acres Motel, 1303 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON.  The laundry room and garage where she is grabbed by Ben appear to be real locations at the motel.

      2.              Aynsley’s funeral is held at the Jubilee United Church.

      3.               Mrs. S’ birdwatchers hideout is the Valley Halla Estate near the Toronto Zoo.  See:,175925900w

      Still Looking for the New Order Prolethean Ranch. 

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    • Episode 2: Governed by Sound Religion and True Reason, continued

      4.  1.              The New Order Prolethian Farm scenes (outdoor, at least) are filmed at the Scotsdale Farm.  Google 13819 Trafalgar Rd N, Halton Hills, ON.  See:

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    • Episode 3: Mingling Its Own Nature With It

      1.  The country store where Sarah, Felix and Kira steal food is the Cheltenham General Store in the Cheltenham neighborhood of Caledon, ON.

      2.  Tentative identification:  Cal's cabin is on the site of the historic Haines Sawmill in Cheltenham, on the banks of the Credit River.  See:

      and compare to:

      3.  Angie introduces herself to Alison in the parking lot of the Chinese Cultural Centre, 5183 Sheppard Ave. E, Toronto.  Unfortunately, streetview doesn't get close enough.  See:

      4.  The hallway through which Prolethean Henrik carries drugged Helena at the end can be seen, ironically, in this lovely engagement photoset:

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    • Season 1, Episode 1 - the "CFID" is actually the Meridian Bank at 375 Bay St at Richmond.

      Here's a link to Google streetview where you can see matching details:,-79.380963,3a,39.8y,161.1h,87.28t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sNgdtY9iLWCOAReFUouRwSg!2e0

      Question: is there a reason all this excellent information hasn't been rolled into the actual wiki?

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    • Episode 2.04 Governed as it Were by Chance

      1.                1.  The collision between Daniel Rosen’s car and Cal’s truck occurs at the western intersection of 8 Line Rd and Side Rd 27 in Halton Hills, ON.


      2.                2.  The New Path Wellness Center is at 175 Brentcliffe Rd, Toronto.  Google streetview takes you to the back of the building which was once an actual drug rehabilitation center (the Donwood Institute).  The facility is now on the market, and photos of both the exterior and interior can be found here:

      Birdseye view exterior shots can be found here:

      An interesting article about the Donwood Institute us here:

      3.                3.  Rachel’s apartment scenes in this episode may be studio sets, but if so closely reproduce a real setting at the One King West hotel:

      Still looking for the solitary tree setting where Cal makes Kira the origami angel.  Question for Toronto locals:  what is the restaurant or bar where Mrs. S meets Carlton?

      Episode 2.05  Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est

      1.           1.  Rachel’s apartment scenes look more like the real location.  Compare the two images:

      2.         After Paul assaults Felix, Sarah makes a call to Art while walking westward near 523 Queen St. West.

      3.         The external shots of Maggie’s storage locker are on the back lot of Revival Film Studios.  Google 610 Eastern Avenue, Toronto, and you can catch a glimpse of what is depicted as a dark alley in the episode.  As Art drives his Subaru into the alley, you can see a pair of red flashing lights in the distance.  These are the beacon lights on the Portlands power generation plant on the Toronto waterfront. 

      4.              4.  Art and Sarah come upon Helena’s motorcycle in the middle of the street at ca. 6 Victoria Street between King St E and Colborne St.   Episode scenes and Google street images (the latter dated May 2013) show construction scaffolding on the King Edward Hotel.

      5.              5.  Sarah meets Leekie at Booby’s Bar  (actual location 408 Queen St. West) to make a deal, but she parks Mrs. S’ truck outside of Warren Cycle Works, 890 Queen St. East.

      Episode 2.06  To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings

      1.             1.   After the opening credits, Sarah and Helena drive under power lines at approximately 20 Beare Road, between cross-streets Passmore Ave. and Plug Hat Rd., Toronto.

      2.              2. The Cold River Institute archival files are stored at the Streetsville United Church, 274 Queen St. South, Mississauga.  The sanctuary where Sarah talks to the archives keeper is the actual church.  See:

      3.              3.  The external shots of the Round Up Bar and Grill where Helena meets Jesse   and then wreaks havoc is the  Franklin House Bar and Grill, 263 Queen St. S, Mississauga.   Not sure where the bar interior scenes were filmed.

      4.              4. Many of the interior scenes at the New Path Wellness Centre are at the actual Donwood Institute location, including the basketball court scene with Alison and Vic.  See the links in the 2.04 entry above.

      5.    Ethan Duncan lives a hoarder’s life at 13 Minto St., Toronto.  Google 36 Minto for a better landing in streetview.  In daylight the house has red siding and red and white striped window awnings.  OB location scouts saved production a ton of time and money with this read-made, already trashed place.



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    • Jumping ahead, in answer to a question in the comments section of the Reel Toronto Orphan Black entry on 8/20/14, Marion Bowles' mansion location can be seen in street view by googling 36 High Point Rd, Toronto.

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    • Episode 7:  Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motion of Things

      Opening scenes:  the rehab facility and Ethan’s house locations are noted in a previous post.

      After discovering that his laptop was being hacked by Dyad, Cal leaves it as a decoy near a chain link fence in an empty lot in the 200 block Cherry St. in the docks area of Toronto.  The Essroc cement silos at 312 Cherry St. can be seen behind him to the north.

      Cal hides his camper among dry-docked boats in the same dockside area of Cherry St.  The Lafarge silos on Polson St can be seen in the background to the south.

      Sarah, Cal and Kira get lunch from a truck vendor in same dock area.

      After she meets with Leekie, Siobhan walks west on the Gerrard St. bridge over the Don River and Don Valley Parkway.  The Bridgepoint Hospital is seen to the northeast, with “DYAD Institute” added digitally to its exterior.

      Marion calls Rachel from her limo as it cruises the 2300 block of Yonge St., past the Indigo Café.

      When Leekie knows he’s screwed, he exits the institute at the south entrance on Jack Layton Way.  However, as the scene proceeds, he continues his flight walking south on Broadview Ave, turning right onto Jack Layton and walking towards the place he exited!   

      Donnie catches up to Leekie in front of the Toronto Jail (new building attached to the Old Don Jail) on Jack Layton way, and the rest is history (I feel it in my fingers…).

      Episode 8:  Variable and Full of Perturbation

      Opening Scene, set in Cincinnati.  Tony and Sammy flee the cops (or assassins) driving east past the Spaces Self Storage at 356 Eastern Ave.   They head the wrong way up the one-way Sunlight Park Rd, and duck into a mechanic’s bay at Roadway Alignment Ltd., 341 Eastern Ave., Toronto.

      Art meets Tony for the first time at the dead end of Mt. Stephen St. (google 13 Blackburn St, Toronto, to land in the general vicinity).  This is just a few blocks south of Bridgepoint Hospital on the east side of the Don River.

      No other new outside scenes.

      Episode 9:  Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done

      Most shots in this episode are of interior scenes, presumably at the studio set.

      The external scenes of the Prolethean nursery (Helena and Alexis entering a house with brick exterior) do not appear to be at the Scotsdale Farm location.  Probably a house in the Leslieville neighborhood of Toronto, near the studio district.

      The interior scenes of the clinic where Kira donates her bone marrow were shot at the Bridgepoint Hospital (this was revealed in the BBC America Orphan Black Hive Recap of June 18, 2014).   However, the exterior scenes where Sarah runs to and from Delphine’s limo were shot at the Corus Quay building, 25 Dockside Dr. (Google  168 Queens Quay East, Toronto).

      This one was tough to find, but the big clue was the partial sign for “LA Prep: Daily Fresh”.   Of the couple dozen franchises in Toronto, all but a couple could be excluded in satellite view.

      The exterior shots at Alison’s house (the garage and van scenes) were on location at/near 35 Harper Hill Rd., Markham. 

      Episode 10: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

      Again mostly interior set scenes in this episode.

      First new exterior scene has Mark and Grace fleeing the farm, driving east along Unwin Ave. near the Hearn Generating Plant.

      Marion Bowles’ mansion is at 37 High Point Rd., Toronto.  This is the precise address, as given by:

      Mark and Grace get married at the Little Trinity Anglican Church, 425 King St. East, Toronto.  The clue here was a photo “Shooting in the Church” on the Hive Recap (June 22, 2014) which showed pews with “kneelers.”   Kneelers are common in Catholic and Anglican churches, and less so in other denominations.  I figured the Anglicans would be more cool about letting an edgy show like OB do a shoot in one of their sanctuaries, so this greatly narrowed the search space.

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    • Season 2 Episode 2  Sarah picks up Felix in an alley...

      At the end of the episode, Felix waits in an alley that is presumably outside his artist loft on Queen St West.  The scene is actually shot on the other side of town, in a laneway behind Danforth Ave in the east side of Toronto. The laneway entrance is on Coxwell Ave, near the CIBC bank and Bus Terminal Diner locations shown in the opening of the S2 premiere.  Toronto laneways are very interesting for their history and art (i.e., graffiti), and the OB location scouts make good use of them.   See this link for an interesting blog post on Toronto street scenes:

      The Danforth-Coxwell laneway where the OB 2.02 scene is shot is shown in the third photo.

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    • 3x01 The Weight of this Combination

      The soccer field at Angus Glen Community Centre is the location for two scenes involving Ramon, first his meeting with Alison to announce that he’s going to college, and later to show Alison and Donnie his “inventory.”

      “Shite Beach” where Sarah and Felix share some down time is actually on the ship channel in the Port Lands area.  This is near the spot where Vic held the memorial for Sarah in the series pilot. Across the channel from this spot is the Hearn Generating station, and the gravel lot where Katja Obinger was killed.

      The scenes in Rachel’s apartment (Felix’ makeover of Sarah to Rachel, Sarah as Rachel’s encounter with Ferdinand) appear to be the real location at the Executive Suite at the One King West Hotel.

      3x02 Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

      Sarah, Kira and Cal walk along Queen St East to Cal’s new pad, which is at 418 Queen St East, corner of Queen and Tracy St.   The MovieMaps folks found this location before I did:

      Sarah questions Patty outside the police station at 507 King St. East.

      Seth has a severe glitching episode near the corner of Bouchette and Basin streets in the Port Lands area of Toronto.  This is near Pinewood Studios and “Shite Beach.”

      The external shots of the motel where Mark and Gracie are holed up are of the Lido Motel, 4674 Kingston Rd, Toronto.  This find is another credit to MovieMaps:

      3x03 Formalized, Complex and Costly

      Art and Sarah confront Alexis in a laneway behind Dangerous Dan’s burger joint on the corner of Queen St East and Broadview Ave. Google 113 Broadview Ave, Toronto.   

      Alexis’ reunion with Bonnie is at a house near the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Vaughan, ON.  Google street view doesn’t get you close to the house, but you can use bird’s eye view in Bing Maps to see the house and historic barn nearby.  Zoom in on the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Steeles Ave W and Jane St.

      Sarah and Art have a heart-to-heart about Beth in Ted’s Restaurant, 404 Old Kingston Rd., Scarborough, ON.

      The last two locations are revealed in the official BBC America OB site:

      The BBC America OB site also mentions Willard Finch’s hideout as being in a cornfield north of the Toronto Zoo.  The precise location is at the end of Gordon Murison Lane in the Hillside area.  I actually found this before reading the BBC OB page, using the power lines and towers in the distance as clues.

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    • So, this new episode gave me the information to figure out where those two videos of Beth were shot! In the first video Beth runs along a trail near the beach at Clark Beach Park. The second video features Paul and Beth talking in a park surrounded by buildings. This is Berczy Park near downtown.

      Other locations include the Cherry Beach Sports Fields where Alison meets with Jason Kellerman and Modern Hair Works which stands in as Alison & Donnie's new store, Bubbles.

      Paul meets Benchman in Simcoe Park, then Benchman talks to Paul on the phone while walking in front of The Shore Club, and finally he talks to Paul while driving down Wellington Street West.

      I really want to know where the various desert scenes were filmed. Also, Shay's apartment.

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    • Also, Hello from MovieMaps! Thanks for finding all of these locations!

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    • Hi Arbronissarooth!  You've left me in the dust!  I had found the Simcoe Park location, but was struggling with the "Bubbles" store site (I knew it was near a train station, but it would have taken me hours to zero-in on Brampton!).  As I mentioned when I started this thread, I'm not from the area (actually live in Oregon) and rely on Google maps (and now also Bing areal maps). Sometimes I get lucky on a hunch (Ethan Duncan's Minto St site for example), but the other contributors to this forum have a much better knowledge of the Toronto area than I do.  So I think you should take the lead on this OB locations thing, and if you get stumped by some scene, post it here and someone will figure it out.     As far as the desert scenes go, I think they are shot near the studio in the Portlands area of Toronto.  I'll try to find the interview with Manson/Fawcett where this was mentioned. I suspect that the wider areal shots are done at a rock quarry, maybe the same one from Season 1 (Katja's body found).  As for Shay's apartment,  I didn't catch an exterior scene, so I have no idea.

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    • Yeah, I'm not from anywhere around their either (Washington, holla!), I find myself using the same tools you do (Google Earth is a lifesaver). The only reason I was able to find Bubbles was because I saw the name of the store next door "Hilight Essense".

      I would definately love any help anyone can provide, I do about 10 episode of TV every week these days, so there is only so much time I can dedicate to any one episode (shameless blog plug ). In that vein, does anyone know where this location from last week's episode was shot?

      Orphan Black - 305 - Scarred by Many Past Frustrations 22

      From episode #305 "Scarred by Many Past Frustrations".

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    • Episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate"

      Bubbles is once again filmed at Modern Hair Works in Mt. Pleasant Village. The exterior of the school where the trustee event was filmed at the nearby Mt. Pleasant Village Public School.

      Pouchy's auto shop of crime is at Ming's Auto, right around the corner from Mrs. S's house and Kira's school.

      I have not been able to figure out the interior of the school. Here are some screenshots in case anyone knows where this is:

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 69

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 41

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 94

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 101

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

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    • Episode #308 "Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method"

      Krystal's nail salon is Her Majesty's Pleasure on King Street.

      The street where Delphine talks to Dr. Nealon after leaving Krystal's salon is just down the block at the 400 Block of King Street West .

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    • Episode #309 "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow"

      Some quick location IDs recognized from previous searches:

      The opening scene in "London" where Sarah, Felix and S  arrive in their taxi is actually Convocation Hall on the U Toronto Campus, 31 King's College Circle.  The neighborhood scene in the background is CG. 

      Kendall Malone's apartment is in the Alexandra Park housing complex near Spadina Ave and Dundas St W.   Google street view doesn't get you far into the complex, but the last photo on the following link shows the exact location:

      I became familiar with Alexandra Park because I thought it a possible location for the mystery shot from Abronissarooth of Art's Subaru parked outside of Patty's babysitter's place (still haven't found it!).

      It is probable that most of the outside scenes depicting a London locations are in the Toronto area, though aerial and other long-view shots may be in London. 

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    • Episode #309 "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow"

      The only location I have to add to that at the moment is the underpass where Gracie calls Cosima on the phone to confess to selling them out to Castor. She is standing on Queen Street East underneath the rail bridge to the east of downtown.

      Here are some locations that still need to be identified:

      Orphan Black - 309 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow 21

      From episode #309 "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow".

      Orphan Black - 309 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow 34

      From episode #309 "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow".

      Orphan Black - 309 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow 55

      From episode #309 "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow".

      Orphan Black - 309 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow 72

      From episode #309 "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow".

      Orphan Black - 309 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow 100

      From episode #309 "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow".

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    • The third scene on this list (Sarah and Felix waiting for Kassov) is Simcoe Hall at U Toronto, actually right next to Convocation Hall:

      Will look for the alley scenes this evening...

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    • the alley where kassov interrogates sarah and felix are the back alleys of the UofT engineering buildings (Lassonde Mining, Mechanical Engineering Building, Haultain Building, Roseburg Building)

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    • So I dived deep into my archive and found this location from the second episode:

      When Sarah washes out her car after burying Katja's body, she does it at Beaches Coin-Op Car Wash .

      Also, I will be visiting Toronto in a couple of weeks and I plan on taking photos of as many Orphan Black locations as I can find :). If anyone figures out any new locations before then be sure to post it here.

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    • A couple more locations thanks to the Torontoist blog  (they reference the wiki!).

      The David Sazuki Secondary School was the interior of the Glendale School where Cosima has to pretend to be Alison in episode #307.

      This parking garage on Lower Simcoe Street is where Sarah breaks into Katja's briefcase in episode #102 and gets information on Alison.

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    • The Hendrix home is for sale!   Check out this vid of 35 Harper Hill Rd, Markham:

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    • Orphan-black-401

      Map of locations from Orphan Black #401 "The Collapse of Nature".

      New episode! New locations!

      But first, a few old favorites. We revisit the Thompson Diner  as Fung's Restaurant and Uniun Nightclub  as Club Neolution from season one. And of course Bridgepoint Hospital  as the Dyad Institute.

      Cosima's dorm at Berkeley is between 40 Lower River Street & 45 St. Lawrence Street .

      MK's trailer is nearby at PMR Auto Service beneath the Gardiner Expressway.

      Beth calls Alison and then gets a package from Ramon on Pearl Street between John & Duncan . And the alley where she shoot Maggie Chen is just to the north of there .

      A few locations to identify:

      Orphan Black - 401 - The Collapse of Nature 1033

      From episode #401 "The Collapse of Nature".

      Orphan Black - 401 - The Collapse of Nature 1951

      From episode #401 "The Collapse of Nature".

      Orphan Black - 401 - The Collapse of Nature 4647

      From episode #401 "The Collapse of Nature".

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    • Awesome finds!  Your map is great, too.  I heard or read that the S4 police station scenes, as well as Beth's interrio condo scenes, were new studio sets constructed for the new season.

      Re the screenshot you posted for #305, where Art is picking up Patty,  I cannot freakin find that place!   

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    • Orphan-black-402

      Map of locations from Orphan Black #402 "Transgressive Border Crossing".

      This season is so good!

      The exterior of Rabbit Hole Comics is Adama Food & Spices on Dundas St E. The interior and basement both appear to be studio sets.

      The health clinic where Helena gets her ultrasound is at the frequently used Bridgepoint Hospital .

      Club Neolution is still the Uniun Nightclub .

      Sudz & Tumble is Papas Laundromat , right across the street from the comic shop.

      Also, I've identified another location from way back in season one. The exterior of Club Neolution in episode #107 is the former Unilever factory at 21 Don Roadway (used recently in Shadowhunters and Killjoys).

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    • Oh yeah, I've also been doing blog posts about every episode and the other shows I follow over on Tumblr if anyone's interested.

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    • Orphan-black-403

      Map of locations from Orphan Black #403 "The Stigmata of Progress".


      The skate park where Felix and Adele talk is the new Underpass Park .

      We get to see a bit more of the inside of Alison's house at 35 Harper Hill Road .

      Riverside Dental at the corner of Queen & Broadview is…actually Riverside Dental at the corner of Queen & Broadview. That was an easy one.

      Mrs. S finds herself talking to Ferdinand in St. James Park .

      Can anyone find Dizzy's place?

      Orphan Black - 403 - The Stigmata of Progress 2605

      From episode #403 "The Stigmata of Progress".

      Orphan Black - 403 - The Stigmata of Progress 2685

      From episode #403 "The Stigmata of Progress".

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    • Orphan Black 4x04

      Map of locations from Orphan Black #404 "From Instinct to Rational Control".


      We get a brief shot of the hideout at Thomson Groceries .

      Alison has coffee with Sarah Stubbs at the Aroma Espresso Bar at the Shops at Don Mills.

      The parking garage and nearby Building 7 of the shopping center are used for the Lifespring Fertility.

      Sarah goes to MK's trailer at PMR Auto Service and then drives away along Lake Shore Boulevard East .

      Still need to identify:

      Orphan Black - 404 - From Instinct to Rational Control 1927

      From episode #404 "From Instinct to Rational Control".

      Orphan Black - 404 - From Instinct to Rational Control 8314

      From episode #404 "From Instinct to Rational Control".

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    • Orphan Black 4x05

      Map of locations from Orphan Black #405 "Human Raw Material".

      Krystal returns! Kira's creepy!

      Cosima and Donnie prep for the mission on Pearl Street east of John .

      The exterior of Brightborn is Le Germian Toronto Maple Leaf Square . The spa level is level 10 of Festival Tower (above the TIFF Bell Lightbox). The lab level is The Michener Institute .

      I still need to find Krystal's gym (I included some closeups of the various logos visible):

      Orphan Black - 405 - Human Raw Material 228

      From episode #405 "Human Raw Materials".

      Orphan Black - 405 - Human Raw Material 278

      Logos in Krystal's gym. Edit from episode #405 "Human Raw Materials".

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    • Tumblr o7kcmqOTjd1u6dusdo1 1280

      Map of locations from Orphan Black #406 "The Scandal of Altruism".

      Oh noes!

      The exterior and lobby of Brightborn, as wells as the Palmina hotel where Susan Duncan & Ira live are both filmed at Le Germain Toronto Maple Leaf Square .

      Kendal Malone is taken to a field off Commissioners Street in the Port Lands.

      Need to identify the alley behind Felix's loft and the tunnel at the end:

      Orphan Black - 406 - The Scandal of Altruism 5089

      From episode #406 "The Scandal of Altruism".

      Orphan Black - 406 - The Scandal of Altruism 8477

      From episode #406 "The Scandal of Altruism".

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    • Orphan Black 4x07

      Map of locations from episode #407 "The Antisocialism of Sex".

      Bad decisions all around!

      Susan Duncan's house was digitally added to the top of Scarborough Bluffs .

      Sarah goes on her bender and has a threesome at Bovine Sex Club on Queen Street W.

      She contemplates jumping while talking with Beth on the Bathurst Street Bridge .

      Unidentified: The interior of Susan Duncan's house.

      Orphan Black - 407 - The Antisocialism of Sex 554

      From episode #407 "The Antisocialism of Sex".

      Orphan Black - 407 - The Antisocialism of Sex 5039

      From episode #407 "The Antisocialism of Sex".

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    • Orphan Black 4x08

      Map of locations from episode #408 "The Redesign of Natural Objects".

      Prison & Judas!

      Donnie is in prison inside the defunct Humber River Regional Hospital .

      Alison returns to the Cherry Beach Sports Fields to have her clandestine meeting with Duko.

      Art and Sarah drive down Carlaw Avenue south of Eastern and through the intersection of Queen Street East & Broadview Avenue .

      Alison returns to Jubilee United Church , which we saw back in season two, for the reheearsal of her new show.

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    • Orphan Black 4x09

      Map of locations from episode #409 "The Mitigation of Competition".

      She's back! And so is she!

      Alison picks Donnie up at prison which is the door to Stage 8 at Revival 629 , the show's studio.

      Sarah and Art search near the Tisdale watertower on Whitlam Avenue between 22nd & 24th in Mississauga. That watertower actually says 'Toronto' on it.

      Lots to identify in this episode:

      Orphan Black - 409 - The Mitigation of Competition 274

      From episode #409 "The Mitigation of Competition".

      Orphan Black - 409 - The Mitigation of Competition 1046

      From episode #409 "The Mitigation of Competition".

      Orphan Black - 409 - The Mitigation of Competition 2226

      From episode #409 "The Mitigation of Competition".

      Orphan Black - 409 - The Mitigation of Competition 3371

      From episode #409 "The Mitigation of Competition".

      Orphan Black - 409 - The Mitigation of Competition 4520

      From episode #409 "The Mitigation of Competition".

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    • Season 5 Episode 1.    The Revival Village is at Valley Halla, the same location used for the Birdwatchers' hangout in Season 2.  IMO disappointingly obvious. 

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    • Orphan Black 5x01
      It's good to be back!

      Revival is as MadrigalEM says at the Valley Halla Estate .

      And Sarah returns to the Scarborough Bluffs Park as the island's beaches.

      Here's what still need to be identified:

      Orphan Black - 501 - The Few Who Dare 4695

      From episode #501 "The Few Who Dare".

      Orphan Black - 501 - The Few Who Dare 6444

      From episode #501 "The Few Who Dare".

      Orphan Black - 501 - The Few Who Dare 2999

      From episode #501 "The Few Who Dare".

      Orphan Black - 501 - The Few Who Dare 3661

      From episode #501 "The Few Who Dare".

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    • Orphan Black 5x02

      M.K. :(

      This episode was filmed at Valley Halla Estate , 148 Morse Street , Morse Street Jr. Public School , a very brief shot at Revival 629 , on McDougall Lane , and at the abandoned Essroc Toronto Terminal .

      Still need to find the interior and back of the school and the hospital:

      Orphan Black - 502 - Clutch of Greed 5120

      From episode #502 "Clutch of Greed".

      Orphan Black - 502 - Clutch of Greed 5347

      From episode #502 "Clutch of Greed".

      Orphan Black - 502 - Clutch of Greed 5597

      From episode #502 "Clutch of Greed".

      Orphan Black - 502 - Clutch of Greed 5822

      From episode #502 "Clutch of Greed".

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    • Orphan Black 5x03

      All About Alison & Going Undercover

      Last week's episode filmed at 35 Harper Hill Road & the Jubilee United Church .

      This week's episode filmed at Valley Halla Estate & the Fairmont Royal York .

      Still need to identify the convent and the mental institution (which look like they are the same place).

      Orphan Black 5x04
      Orphan Black - 504 - Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil 3540

      From episode #504 "Let the Children and Childbearers Toil".

      Orphan Black - 504 - Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil 3615

      From episode #504 "Let the Children and Childbearers Toil".

      Orphan Black - 504 - Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil 4982

      From episode #504 "Let the Children and Childbearers Toil".

      Orphan Black - 504 - Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil 6100

      From episode #504 "Let the Children and Childbearers Toil".

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    • The exterior looks more like David Suzuki Secondary School, also in Brampton.

      Arbronissarooth wrote:

      Episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate"

      Bubbles is once again filmed at Modern Hair Works in Mt. Pleasant Village. The exterior of the school where the trustee event was filmed at the nearby Mt. Pleasant Village Public School.

      Pouchy's auto shop of crime is at Ming's Auto, right around the corner from Mrs. S's house and Kira's school.

      I have not been able to figure out the interior of the school. Here are some screenshots in case anyone knows where this is:

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 69

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 41

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 94

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

      Orphan Black - 307 - Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate 101

      From episode #307 "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate".

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    • Orphan Black 5x05
      Orphan Black 5x06
      Orphan Black 5x07
      Orphan Black 5x08

      Episodes #505-508

      These four episodes filmed Revival at the Valley Halla Estate and Revival 629 as the exterior of Krystal'a apartment & the Neolution boardroom.

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    • Orphan Black 5x09
      Sweet Helena's Backstory!

      Episode 9 filmed at St. Luke's United Church (as both the orphanage and the church where Helena kills her first clone), St. James Cemetery (the funeral), Revival 629 (outside the police station), Eastern Avenue (following Enger), and Bridgepoint Health (Dyad of course).

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    • Orphan Black 5x10

      The finale filmed at Bridgepoint Health , Westwood Middle School , and 35 Harper Hill Road .

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    • A few places to identify:

      Orphan Black - 510 - To RIght the Wrongs of Many 122

      From episode #510 "To Right the Wrongs of Many".

      Orphan Black - 510 - To RIght the Wrongs of Many 8208

      From episode #510 "To Right the Wrongs of Many".

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