• Hi Red! My name is Luca and I'm an admin on Stitchers Wiki as well as a moderator on Pretty Little Liars Wiki, and I was wondering if maybe I could help out on this wiki? I mostly help with templates and such, but I would love to help here as an admin and contribute to this wiki, adding information from reliable sources and making this wiki "easier"!

    And are you excited for season 4 on Orphan Black? ;P

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    • I'm guessing you work with Selena? I'd say working with her and on those wikis is a good enough résumé :p Welcome aboard!

      And hell yeah! :D

      P.S. Love your picture. Ashley's so beautiful ugh ♥

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    • Yes, I do haha! And yes, she is very talented, and I'm happy to work with her (and now you)!

      And I have a quick question (actually 2):

      1. is the background also black on your computer? And is it on purpose that teh "real" background is under the black one?

      2. What rights do I have? Do I have rollback, chat mod etc? 

      And thanks, I do too <3

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      1. Weird. It's not black for me. This shows up, and the sides of the body end at about half of Scarface and Sarah's faces.
      2. Yep, now you have 'em! :)
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    • Now it works again on mine, and thanks! 

      Do you have comment bubble colors on this wiki, like we have on PLL and Stitchers?

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    • I'm not sure I've added it here (it used to not be necessary, since I was the only admin lol). Feel free to add it! I'd like to be sky blue, if you don't mind :p

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    • I'll do that right away!

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    • A FANDOM user
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