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Biographical information
Full name: Tony Sawicki
Status: Alive
Other information
Also known as: Antoinette Sawicki
Gender: Male (assigned female at birth)
Hair color: Brown
Monitor: Sammy † (formerly)
Marital status: Single
Family: Leda clones (sisters/genetic identicals)

Castor clones (genetic brothers)
Kendall Malone (sister/genetic template)
Kira Manning (genetic niece; via Sarah)
Siobhan Sadler (genetic niece; via Kendall)

Series information
Portrayed by: Tatiana Maslany
Only appearance: "Variable and Full of Perturbation"
Appearance count: 1

Tony Sawicki, born Antoinette Sawicki, is a transgender clone introduced in Season 2. Having been in contact with Beth Childs, he was told by Beth that they were related but was not informed of their exact relationship. Sarah Manning later informed him that he is a clone from her batch when they met.


Season 2

In "Variable and Full of Perturbation" Tony was rushing Sammy to an abandoned warehouse to tend to him after being fatally shot in the stomach by a group of unknown men in suits. Before dying, Sammy asked Tony to "tell Beth to keep the faith. Paul's like me. He's on it. He's a ghost," revealing that he was Tony's monitor.

Tony then met Art before being brought to Felix's loft, after which Felix and Art decided how to deal with him. Sarah arrived some time after, bumping into Tony while he was leaving. Tony was quickly briefed about the other clones from Sarah shortly before he decided to leave.


Tony is transgender and has a criminal record. He had stayed by Sammy's side for a seemingly long time, until Sammy was killed. Identifying with a different gender, Tony did not face the identity crisis that the other clones had after learning how they were related.


Tony and Felix share a kiss in "Variable and Full of Perturbation".