Unconscious Selection is the ninth episode of the first season of Orphan Black.


After Kira's life is threatened, Sarah is on the warpath, but Dr. Leekie makes her think twice about her plans for revenge. Meanwhile, Cosima faces the truth about Delphine, forcing her to choose sides. Now, it’s up to Sarah to decide the killer’s fate, but the truth about where Sarah came from changes everything.


An ambulance takes Kira to the hospital, where she is found to be a bit banged up, but not actually injured in any serious way. All involved consider this unusual. Back home, Kira tells Sarah how Helena looked just like Sarah. They are concerned that Helena is after Kira and will come again, though Kira shows no concern about Helena. Alison can't go home, and Felix invites her to use his place for a while.

Helena is back at Tomas' ship, slapping herself and upset that she hurt a little girl. She tells Tomas that the clone Sarah was the little girl's mother, but Tomas says that's impossible. Helena still has Sarah's phone, and it rings: it's Sarah. Tomas tells Helena to get Sarah to come to the ship, but Helena refuses. He manhandles her into a cage, and locks it. He's upset that Helena is protecting "this forgery."

At the police station, Art and Angela are looking over their evidence; Angela says there are a dozen reasons to bring "Beth" in, but Art says there are no charges that will stick. He wants to the end of the day for him to figure out what's going on. Angela is concerned that he's just protecting his ex-partner.

Paul and Dr. Leekie meet at Paul's townhouse, and Dr. Leekie appreciates the so-called life that Paul and Beth made together. But he knows that Olivier lied about the only clone being Beth at the club, he knows the security footage was tampered with, and there were two clones. It couldn't be Helena, she's feral and couldn't impersonate Beth, but Sarah Manning could. Paul looks grim about this.

Alison is shown at Felix's loft, aggressively cleaning up; a 27-year-old single man's apartment can be awful, and she deals with it. When Felix arrives, he is surprised by the effect, though he's concerned about.... She says she moved his drug supplies to a drawer, and also the stuff by his bed. She wants to stay here to apartment-hunt, but first she needs to drop by her house and get some stuff, but she needs Felix to be with her. He is reluctant but agrees.

At Alison's house, she and Felix find the living room full of neighbors, friends, their priest, and Donnie: it's an intervention, and they want to talk. Donnie complains about her pills and drinking, and about her abusing him. Aynsley complains of Alison and Chad's sex together, and about Alison attacking her, and turning her back on their friendship. Alison gets flustered and walks out.

At the University of Minnesota lab, Cosima calls Sarah: she's glad that Kira's safe, and they are both amazed that she's uninjured. Cosima wonders, since "we" were modified, maybe something special got passed down to Kira, like special stem cells. She'd like samples of Sarah's and Kira's DNA to sequence, but Sarah says Cosima would just hand them over to Delphine. Once Sarah hangs up, Scott Smith says he's finished sequencing the samples; there were no markers for respiratory disease, but unusual segments that are distinct in each sample.

Paul comes to Mrs. S's house, and tells Sarah that Dr. Leekie wants to meet, to make a deal, he knows who Sarah is. They expect it could be a trap, but Paul offers to make it safe. Mrs. S says she'll protect Kira while they're gone. As she is ready to leave, Sarah gets a call from Art: he has to talk, off the record, and this is her last chance.

Felix talks to Alison alone in the bathroom. (She takes a bottle of prescription drugs off the shelf, the label says "...amanax, take 1 or 2." She shakes out a handful, and when Felix expresses interest, shakes out a handful for him as well.) Felix says what Aynsley is doing is typical backstabbing, and he encourages her to go back, face the music, play nice, look contrite, and Aynsley will think she's won, and Alison can fight another day. Alison changes from fear to determination.

Sarah and Art meet, and Art shows her Felix's picture; Sarah (being "Beth") denies knowing him. Art points out how "Beth" visited Felix with that $75,000, when Art stopped "Beth" from skipping town, he knows there's a connection. Sarah says he doesn't want to know, and drives away.

Sarah gets to the docks, and in a dockside office calls Cosima. Cosima says their DNA sequences aren't identical, there are synthetic sequences in them that are different, but she can't tell what they're for, but that's how they knew Sarah wasn't really Beth. Sarah sees the car with Dr. Leekie drive up, and Cosima encourages Sarah to make a deal, "they" care for us.

Paul leads Dr. Leekie to Sarah, and they meet. Dr. Leekie says there are many things she wants to know that he just can't answer; like Olivier and Paul, he only knows his part, which is collecting data and monitoring the well-being of the subjects. Sarah wants to know what this is all about, but Leekie says they first need an agreement on something crucial, how to deal with Helena, a common enemy. Paul mentions Tomas, and Leekie explains that he's one of the "Prolethians", a group of religious extremists that opposes "us" and science in general. Sarah asks about Maggie Chen, and Leekie says she was one of them, she and Tomas found Helena in a convent, and trained her to kill clones. Leekie would like Sarah to capture Helena, not to kill her, but to let Leekie get Helena the help she needs. He offers a future in which all of Sarah's friends can live free, without monitors.

Delphine visits Cosima in her apartment, and Cosima is upset: she has found online a picture showing Dr. Delphine Cormier (Delphine had introduced herself as "Beraud", and as just a student), along with Dr. Leekie and others (Delphine had said she didn't know Dr. Leekie). Cosima is unhappy that Delphine has been fooling her all along. Delphine says Cosima can still trust her, but Cosima says Delphine told Leekie about the other clones.

Art visits the subway station where "Sarah Manning" died. He notices the security camera, and talks to the subway security people, who find the footage from that event. From that, Art immediately recognizes Beth as the woman who jumped, and sees the other woman, the one who grabbed Beth's purse. It looks like Sarah Manning.

In her cage on the ship, Helena is trying to use her belt to pull anything useful towards her. Sarah's phone on the chair rings, but Helena can't get to it.

Sarah is calling from Mrs. S's, and gets no answer. Mrs. S says Helena came after Kira, and Sarah agrees, her instinct is to just kill Helena, but she looks at her and sees herself. Mrs. S says she's gotten in contact with her people in England, about where Sarah is from, and they're scared, like something going on there too.

Cosima is at her apartment, packing, as Delphine is in tears about Cosima leaving. Cosima is sure anything she tells Delphine will just get to Leekie. Delphine says she only told Leekie the names of the seven clones, nothing about Kira. Cosima is near tears, but yells for Delphine to get out, as Delphine says she really fell for Cosima, and her feelings are real. But she leaves, and Cosima cries.

Helena uses her belt to pull the chair with the phone to her, and calls Sarah; Helena says she's the only one she can turn to, and says where she is.

At home, Sarah is ready to go, Paul has loaded a gun, and Sarah doesn't really know what she's going to do. She kisses Kira, who says none of this is Helena's fault: Kira just went outside to play with Helena, and Helena isn't evil, she's just sick and needs Sarah's help. Sarah leaves, with Paul's gun.

At Alison's house, Alison returns to the living room, and nods and agrees as her neighbors add accusations. She is looking accepting and contrite. She gets Aynsley to say she was the one who organized this, and Aynsley (looking satisfied) says she did it to help Alison. Alison thanks her, (switching gears) for scrutinizing Alison every day she's been there, for prying and snooping and gossiping about her, and says Aynsley wouldn't like this treatment either; she reveals several embarassing things about Aynsley and Chad. The others try to regain control of the meeting, but Alison says it's over, and Donnie agrees: this is enough, everyone out. Aynsley says Alison's making a huge mistake. After everyone leaves, Felix and Alison agree: that all went well.

Sarah gets to the ship, searches, and finds Helena in her cage. Helena insists she would never hurt Kira. Sarah is ready to shoot Helena, and Helena doesn't resist or flinch away from the gun: "do it". Seconds pass, and Sarah can't do it. She unlocks the cage and lets Helena out, holding the gun on her. Helena says "you are all I have now", and doesn't threaten, she comes slowly closer, and they hug, cautiously. Tomas walks in, and Helena grabs the gun and is torn between pointing it at Sarah and at Tomas. Tomas tries to convince Helena that she is the original the clones were made from, and Kira is rightfully her daughter; Sarah insists there is no original, the two of them are the same. Finally Helena tells Tomas "you made me this way", and jumps on him. They fight.

Next we see Sarah locking Tomas into the cage, with Helena handcuffed on the floor. Sarah takes Helena back to Mrs. S's, locked in the trunk.

Once Sarah leaves the dockyard area, another car arrives. It's Paul and Dr. Leekie; Dr. Leekie looks in the building, and finds nobody. He calls a woman we can't see, and says Helena didn't show. The woman says "blood is thicker than you think."

Police Lieutenant Gavin Hardcastle is looking over a table worth of evidence that Angela is showing him, as Art walks in. Angela says Art had to the end of the day, it's time to deal with this. Hardcastle says they're getting an arrest warrant for Beth Childs, but Art says Beth is dead, they need a warrant for Sarah Manning.

Sarah arrives home, and Mrs. S introduces her to a black woman named Amelia, who is glad to see Sarah and how she's grown. She is Sarah's birth mother! When she was 22, she was hired by a wealthy couple to be a surrogate, they moved her to London, everything was legal, but it was strange, there were lots of medical tests, and she heard the couple talking to doctors about some kind of evolution. Sarah offers the name "Neolution", and Amelia agrees. She learned the couple weren't a couple, they were scientists, and the child wasn't meant for them, so Amelia hid, and gave birth "to the two of you" in secret, then gave one to "the state", and one to "the church": Sarah and Helena.



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  • "Previously On" by Trevor Yuile
  • "Cosima Betrayed" by Trevor Yuile
  • "Helena's Melody" by Trevor Yuile
  • "Kira's Cue" by Trevor Yuile







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